Marketing consulting, fractional leadership, and coaching

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Helping companies and investors

We help companies with their go-to-market strategy and execution and help investors evaluate business opportunities. We’re market strategists and expert marketers who bring only the talent you need, when you need it, to cost-effectively capture a market leading position.

Don’t let today’s window of market opportunity close on you. Get marketing and health industry expertise so yours is the company that out markets the competition and captures the value of market leadership. Our marketing consulting, fractional leadership, and coaching will give you the sales advantage, market momentum, and business valuation you deserve.

Marketing is one of the highest-leverage functions driving the world’s most successful companies. We help you get marketing right so you can attract more customers and revenue faster, keep those customers longer, and scale your businesses sooner.

We can help you on a consulting basis in the following areas of your strategy:

  • Business model review / development
  • Market segmentation, sizing & demand estimation
  • New product validation
  • Performance audits & analysis
  • Business & go-to-market strategy
  • Strategic business planning
  • Brand definition
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Product strategy
  • Business plan creation
  • Distribution channel analysis
  • Pricing analysis & strategy
  • Customer interviews & research
  • Customer value & ROI modeling

You’d like to create the most valuable and respected business possible. Yet many growth-stage companies can’t yet afford a full-time chief marketing officer, or even a marketing team.

That’s where we can help. We can work with you on a ¼ to ½ time basis while we build your marketing team, processes, and systems. When you’re ready for a full-time Marketing VP, we can assist you with your search and selection.

Many early-stage companies can’t afford a full-time Marketing VP, just like they don’t have an in-house general counsel. That can leave you feeling like you have no one to turn to for help figuring out your most successful growth path.

Our coaching framework is taken from our forthcoming book, “From $0 to $20 Million: The Marketing Playbook For Startup to Growth Stage Companies.” It’s a service for CEOs who want a Chief Marketing Officer without paying for a whole one.

We meet weekly or twice monthly, and then communicate by phone and email between meetings. What you’ll learn will stay with you for the rest of your career and help you grow your most successful companies yet.

You’re facing strong competition, and you need strong marketing to win. We can sharpen how you tell your story so customers are drawn in, feed your sales pipelines through smarter awareness and demand-generation programs, and provide the right sales tools at the right time to accelerate prospects through the buying cycle. 

We can help you with end-to-end marketing planning and execution, including:

  • Case study, sales tool development
  • Strategic communications
  • Sales proposal development
  • Web site development
  • Video
  • Media training
  • Persona development
  • Public & media relations
  • Customer experience management
  • Customer / member engagement
  • New market development
  • Digital marketing
  • Search optimization
  • Board reporting

Do you have the growth strategy in place to take your company to the next level? We’ll lead your executives or marketing team through your planning or review workshops with balance, insight, and objectivity.

If you don’t have a Chief Marketing Officer, your marketing team or manager can easily stagnate, and not work up to their full potential on behalf of your business. 

Similar to our CEO coaching, our staff mentoring takes place weekly or twice monthly, augmented by phone and email between meetings. Within a short time, marketing managers become more masterful and have greater impact. As a business school instructor, founder Kevin Renner works regularly with marketers early in their careers and brings a grounded, high impact approach to guiding them. 

Bring your event to life with one of our engaging guides who can speak on topics across strategic business planning, marketing, and growing your business or those of your association’s members. 

The Growth & Innovation Group helps investors evaluate business and market opportunities, and teams they are considering investing in. We also help investors with validating the fit between a company’s market and product. 

We have come into numerous situations where millions of dollars have been invested into what seemed like great ideas, yet nobody wanted to buy them once they were brought to market. We bring a systematic approach to evaluating the market interest in new products and services, so investors can proceed with more confidence and less risk.