What our clients are saying


“Kevin and I worked together leading a portfolio of healthcare technology companies. His experience, insights and unique capacity to quickly discern product positioning, product marketing strategies, and tactics contributed significant value to the companies and the management teams he supported. The operating CEOs wanted to clone Kevin.”

Dudley Slater, Former President
Cambia Direct Health Solutions

“Years ago Kevin introduced us to the key concepts of marketing. With his help we took steps to create a presence that positioned our products as best in their category, but equally important, positioned us as the company of choice. We have grown to be a significantly larger and stronger company.”

Judy Faulkner, President
Epic Systems Corp

“Kevin and I worked together developing the strategic and marketing plans for the newly merged hospital system. He developed the most thoroughly analyzed and well-developed business plan for our central laboratory. After helping lab management implement the plan it became the most effective, efficient and profitable business unit in the company.”

Robert Pallari, Former CEO
Legacy Health System

“Kevin has a great intuition and fundamental understanding for marketing foundations. Any start-up or Fortune 500 company could benefit from Kevin’s marketing knowledge and his ability to operationalize his understanding into solid marketing strategies.”

Matthew Harris, Former VP and GM
Planar Systems, and FEI

“Kevin led Product & Marketing for a commercial partnership launch in the mindfulness and wellbeing space. Kevin brought forth many PR and marketing opportunities including speaking engagements at leading employee health conferences and academic institutions. I highly recommend him for his thought leadership, execution, and positive energy.”

Karen Lee, Former Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

“Kevin understands who his market is and he is very deliberate in developing strategies to reach them. He is very skilled at generating high quality leads while positioning his company as the thought leader in their segment of the industry.”

Michael Pirro, Publisher
SourceMedia, Employee Benefits News

“Kevin’s intellect and insights on health care and the business thereof are staggering. I am amazed at the layers of thought he brings and how he weaves them into a tapestry of opportunity.”

Nicole Elovitz, Director of Marketing
Cambia Health Solutions

“I have had the pleasure to work with Kevin at two $100 million+ companies. He brings innovative insights combined with a high energy, we-can-do-this attitude. He develops a vision on what needs to happen and how, bringing original thinking and insights. He delivers positive business results and holds himself accountable to deliver such results.”

Robert Gregg, Former CEO
ID Experts

“For a facts-and-logic type like me, Kevin is refreshing to work with. He brings domain knowledge, facts, logic, and calm accuracy to the ever-more-turbulent business of marketing web-based services.”

Jim McCreary, Former COO

“Kevin has been instrumental in taking our company from startup to market acceptance. Our board has a high level of confidence in him, and he has been a key asset in our successful venture fund raising.”

Bill Brown, Former CEO

“Kevin helped us better comprehend our growth challenges and some internal obstacles to meeting the opportunities in our market for legal software. His contribution to our business was considerable, and I can recommend him highly as an advisor to companies that want to accelerate their growth.”

Tom Melling, Former CEO
Serengeti Law